Seminario sobre “Fundamentals and Applications of Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis”

El próximo viernes 5 de Octubre de 2018 a las 15.00 horas en el aula 2.3 del Edificio Altet se impartirá un seminario sobre “Fundamentals and Applications of Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis” a cargo del profesor de la Universidad Tecnológica de Kaunas Linas Svilainis.

Any electronics device creates the electromagnetic field and same time is affected by neighboring devices: correct operation of the device can be disrupted. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is analyzing unwanted electromagnetic radiation consequences and measures for protection from such disruption. Seminars will provide basic awareness of EMC. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) sources are introduced, equipment used in EMC evaluation is mentioned, EMI countermeasures are briefly presented. Legal EMC issues in-brief.

1. Introduction: what is EMC, EMI, why these are important today, main terminology, EMC regulation, CE mark;
2. Conducted EMI: coupling mechanisms, common problems, testing equipment, countermeasures;
3. Conducted EMI: propagation mechanisms, general issues, test equipment, reduction techniques;
4. Other types of disturbance: issues, immunity, equipment, countermeasures.
Ponente invitado:
Linas Svilainis acquired diplomaed engineer degree from Kaunas polytechnical institute in 1988. In 1996 defended a doctoral thesis under title “Analysis and Optimization of Ultrasonic Imaging Methods for Inhomogeneous Structures” and acquired the PhD degree from the Kaunas University of Technology. In 2009 passed the habilitation procedure on work “Research and development of electronics for ultrasonic and video
systems”. Participated in several ultrasound – related projects at Kaunas University of technology, visiting scientist at Linkoping university, Sweden, University College London, UK. Linas Svilainis participated in multiple signal electronics projects at Kaunas University of Technology and as expert or R&D subcontractor with private companies. In 2003-2007 he was working as technical director in large scale LED displays development and manufacturing. Since 2009 he is a Full time Professor at the Department of Electronics Engineering, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. L.Svilainis has authored or co-authored over 150 scientific publications. He is a member of IEEE (M’06, SM’13) UFFC, Instrumentation and Measurement societies, member of Technical Committee for Electromagnetic compatibility of Republic Lithuania. His current areas of research are: ultrasound electronics and signal processing; large scale LED video displays; solid state lighting, electromagnetic  compatibility and EMI protection of electronic systems.